Dress Your House for Success

Examine your house as if you were buying it! If your house exhibits outstanding "curb appeal," you'll attract more buyers. A well manicured yard and lawn show potential buyers that your property has been well cared for by you. Sparkling light fixtures, a clean entry area and an inviting doorway show attention to detail and pride of ownership. Clean up anything that might detract from an appealing first glance.Clean each room, paying close attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure rooms and closets are not overly crowded. Repair, paint, or replace anything that lessens the appeal of you property. Shampoo carpets, wax floors, clean windows, screens and window coverings. Lastly, arrange furniture so that each room appears spacious.Just remember Team Kingsley's Four Key Steps:

  • C- Clean
  • U- Unclutter
  • R- Repair
  • B- Beautify-- From the front door to the basement, from fresh flowers to fresh smells, this is the finishing touch!